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Easy DeFi Pools For Your Project

I am Lead Developer on a ground floor Decentralized Finance project called CORD.Finance. I have developed liquidity locking pools (vaults) with optional global multipliers related to HODLing their pairing token, length of time locked, and amount staked. Before they had their own Dev, CORD used ZZZ’s pools in order to offer their investors new usecase, and attract tech talent. It worked: I came aboard shortly thereafter and the CORD price shot up 20X, before retreating to a stable 10X from which it formed a base and is now lifting off. Plus, they attracted a Dev of their own, and have since been listed on both CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Thus it is clear that using a staking pool service can add tremendous value to a new DeFi startup, and launch it to the next level.

CORD.Finance offers this in the form of synergistic partnerships, and that is my first recommendation to you. However, if you prefer a private pools page for your project, I do offer this service for any DeFi project that does not yet have this technology or otherwise would like me to host their yield farming pools with liquidity locking options (aka vaults).

Frequently asked questions

Q. Does this require a lot of technical expertise for my team?
A. Not at all! Just provide me with the token contract addresses of your 18-decimal ERC20-compliant staking and reward tokens, a logo graphic for the pairing that you want above each pool, and I will do the rest.

Q. What if my tokens are not 18-decimals or ERC20-compliant?
A. No problem; in this case we can set up pools that allow your investors to stake UniSwap liquidity pairings (e.g., COVAL-ETH-LP).

Q. How long will it take to be up and running?
A. Ideally a couple weeks advance notice is helpful, in order to develop and test the contracts before deployment.

Q. Can we trust you?
A. I have been running a successful cryptocurrency wallet recovery service for nearly two years, and some of my clients held several times more value on their wallets than the set-up fees for these pools. The trust issue does come up in that business as you can imagine. I answer it at length on the main page of this site, Cryptocurrency Wallet Recovery.

Q. How professional do these pools look/feel?
A. We have professional graphics guys on CORD.Finance, and have developed a very professional highly reactive UI for your investors to enjoy. With real-time dripping rewards, it can be addicting to just sit and stare at the pools–your investors will love it. The screenshot above is of actual live deployed pools.

Q. I see your pools page supports up to four pools on one page–why would we need that many?
A. You may opt for less, but three to four pools is recommended as this gives all your investors staking options. For example, suppose your staking token is called ABC, and your reward token is called XYZ. Further, suppose you have a partner startup project with UVW token. Then we can set up four yield farming pools as follows: ABC -> XYZ, ABC-XYZ-LP -> XYZ, ABC-ETH-LP -> UVW, UVW -> XYZ. This assortment of pools can ensure that all your project’s tokens maintain usecase and value.

Q. Will my pools page be mobile-friendly?
A. Yes, all our pools pages are mobile-friendly; the site will auto-detect mobile or small screens and rearrange pools and navbar contents vertically instead of horizontally. Looks great!

Q. I visited your example pools page above but it shows all 0 balances and nothing staked, also my ethereum account shows as 0x0?
A. This is because you have not connected your metamask to the site, but by default we do not block visitors from viewing the layout even without a connected metamask account. However, note that staked amounts will show as 0 since without a connected metamask account your browser cannot download up-to-date data from the pool smart contracts. Rest assured, the live experience is dynamic and addicting; your investors will sit and stare at your pools watching the rewards drip in. As discussed above in more detail, this is real value adding to your project.

Q. I noticed in the footnotes it states “Pools charge a 5% tax for the Dev Fund on reward token withdrawal (stakes are not taxed)”. Who is this Dev Fund and what is this about?
A. That would be you! You provide me with your ethereum address of choice, and the pools can direct a customizable tax in reward tokens into your wallet when stakers withdraw their rewards. The tax is optional (can be turned off), and the percentage is customizable.

Q. So what URL are these pools hosted at?
A. Your custom pools page will be hosted on a subdomain of this website with a dedicated URL for your project, for example https://pool.recover-my-mnemonic.com/cord/

Q. Okay this sounds like amazing value for my new DeFi startup! What is the cost?
A. My initial fee to set up your full pools page (supporting up to four pools on one page) is 0.25 BTC plus 1.0 ETH for gas. This fee includes all the development, testing, contract deployment, hosting the 3-week pools with dedicated URL for your project, plus a 3-week grace period after pool completion to allow investors ample time to exit the pools. Renewals are only 0.05 BTC and 0.2 ETH for every 3-week renewal of the contracts and hosting, and there will always be a 3-week grace period after pool completion.

Contact us
Please email the address in the image below (note the .’s in the address not -‘s).

Or on…
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/E-renter
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ERZZZ14

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